Oil and Oil Filter Service



Engine oil lubricates the car's engine which ensures its smooth work for a long time period. Any car engine has to be maintained and the oil needs to be regularly changed in accordance with the car make and model. Each car comes with a control oil lamp and an oil filter under the hood. This helps car owners to control the oil level and to add some oil if needed, without hiring an auto mechanic.


The substantial part of ordinary car maintenance is a regular oil change. However, the majority of experts still dispute about the required frequency of changing the oil. The Engine Oil Bible claims that the engine oil should not be changed too often, yet Nordic Group maintains that with the advent of detergent oils and multi-weight oils, some cars can go up to 6000 miles before changing the oil. You should better follow the owner’s manual and stick to the manufacturer's recommendations.

The evident advantage of the oil change is to save your money, but it doesn't always work without an auto mechanic. If the “Check Engine Oil” indication light comes on while driving, this may be a strong sign that there is not enough oil in your car. There is no need to hire a mechanic to add some oil. But if the oil gauge remains on or lights up right after adding oil, there may be a leak and a professional auto mechanic should examine your vehicle.


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