Fuel/Air Induction Cleanup


With the help of the specialized equipment, our technicians will do all the needed cleaning. They will take care of intake valves and manifolds.

With the lapse of time, your car's valves, ports, injectors, combustion chambers, and fuel injectors build up deposits. They can be a cause of car power loss, hard starting, pinging and knocking noise, shaky idling, hard starting, hesitation, misfire, and poor gas mileage.

Our team of professional auto mechanics applies specialized fuel system, air induction cleaners and conditioners to scour your car’s fuel injectors, ports, intake valves, throttle body, and air intake. These conditioners and cleaners move away detrimental combustion chamber deposits from all those parts. This ensures that your vehicle engine will run more smoothly. A thorough cleaning of the induction system with the help of our specialized equipment, cleaners, and conditioners, will make your car run more efficiently.


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