Cooling System Service


If your car gets very hot, you may need to repair your car cooling system. At first, make sure that it is clean. This is the most effective way to assure that your car cooling system is in perfect condition. Here at Billy's Auto Services, we can clean your cooling system to make it work well.
With the lapse of time, solid deposits can be formed in your car’s radiator, which can lead to clogging of pipes and lines in the cooling system. Rapid radiator flushing at Billy's Auto Services can deal with this issue and keep your cooling system in shape.

Antifreeze is one more significant element in car cooling system. You should remember that your antifreeze must be changed every season. The specialists at Billy's Auto Services will assist you with antifreeze change to guarantee that your car's system will not freeze up due to cold weather conditions.

If your cooling system has a more serious problem than just flush or replacement, our experts can easily diagnose the problem. We can carry out a pressure test to define whether your radiator’s pressure works correctly. If this test identifies that the pressure doesn't work right, we will examine the cooling system’s caps, connections, and hoses to define if any of these elements are in need of repair or replacement. If so, we'll provide you with a fair quote on parts and work.

At Billy's Auto Services, we strive to provide superior cooling system service, from simple pressure tests to radiator replacements.


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